Artwork now appearing in Sirens Call!

2013_December_ezine_cover_for_web_med IMG_5674

After doing my recent author interview with the ever-entertaining horror writer Simon Dewar (he’s also over here at WordPress,, I was contacted by the fabulous Nina D’Arcangela over at Sirens Call Publications, asking about the artwork I do. Specifically, the series of pen and inks I did in 2012, which focus on haunted bridges from around the world.  (Well, America mostly, as it turns out.  Why are so few people in the rest of the world photographing and sharing their creepy bridges?  Surely there must be more…?) Anyway, she thought the series might be a nice addition to the next issue of the Sirens Call Ezine.

I have never even tried to get artwork published before, so for me this was really out of the blue, and very exciting!

Bright and early on Christmas morning, the issue came out and is available for FREE DOWNLOAD at their site: (Issue #12, Dead and Dying)

Sirens Call is fantastic, Nina is amazing (and not just for her last name!), and the ezine itself is packed with short stories, poems, and everything dark and beautiful.  I’m super happy to be a part of it.  Check it out!


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