Coming Soon: Death’s Realm Anthology, High Art

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Announced today on Grey Matter Press’s website: The Death’s Realm anthology will be released in October, in time for Halloween. It features stories by a heap of terrifying (and terrifyingly good) writers with awards and award nominations everywhere. We may not have any awards just yet, but the anthology also features HIGH ART, a story co-written by myself and Simon Dewar.

DEATH’S REALM  takes readers on a high-speed journey to bear witness to the unavoidable collision between the living and the dead, giving them a front row seat to the painful tragedies, personal anguish and terrifying events that take place when these two forces interact.” ~Anthony Rivera, Publisher & Editor, Grey Matter Press.

Writing is a lonely business. A lot of it is done behind closed doors, and any writer can tell you that while it may be quiet on the other side of that door, the stuff happening there is often pretty hectic. The mark of the writer, I think, is that they’re not only okay with all that solitude and self-exploration, but they actually seek it out. While the process is beautiful, it can sometimes also be pretty devastating. What else do you expect, when you’re essentially staring at your soul in the mirror for hours on end every day?

So… when all that gets a bit too heavy, what absolute joy the collab is!

Submitting to Grey Matter Press was Simon’s idea. While relatively new, they’ve already put out several best-selling anthologies–one of which (Dark Visions: A Collection of Modern Horror Vol. One) has been nominated for a Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in an Anthology. Wow. I didn’t need much convincing. At all.

He pitched an idea, and we took it from there, essentially playing tag as we moved through the story, section by section, watching it evolve as it wound down to its end. Meshing your voice with someone else’s is a thrilling experience. More than that, writing High Art was fun. It was really, really fun. I think that shows in the result; our monstrous hybrid creation is one piece I can honestly say I’m extremely proud of.

Our bloody offspring will appear alongside names such as Jay Caselberg, John F.D. Taff, Stephen Graham Jones and Hank Schwaeble, among others.

The editors at GMP, Sharon Lawson and Anthony Rivera, are pros. They’re very supportive of their writers and they produce amazing work. Check them out at




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