Parsec Awards 2015


The Parsecs are a fabulous little set of annual awards with the sole purpose of recognising excellence in sci-fi, horror and other (otherwise niche) genre podcasts. We’re talking mostly fiction here folks, not just some racy spitfire spouting wit at you while you’re making coffee or driving to work. For the most part, this is all about edgy, mind-blowing spec-fic that needs all the recognition it can get! About half of the awards also go to short stories, the other other underdog of the fiction world. So these awards are important. Really.

Right now the call for nominations for the 2015 round is open! To nominate a podcast or a story, take a look over here. If you have no idea what I’m going on about (podcasts? fiction??) then you’ve been seriously missing out. Go get caught up, and make friends with Norm Sherman at The Drabblecast, or the wonderful Alasdair Stuart at Pseudopod.

PseudopodWhile you’re hanging around, take a listen to my short story The Killing Machine, which appeared in episode 347 of Pseudopod. And which was nominated for a Parsec, but didn’t win. Which I’ve only recently stopped crying about. Feel sorry for me? No? Oh well. I’ll just satisfy myself with a bit of wanton self-promotion then. Because that’s always okay!


About karenrunge

~Writer, Artist, Horror Film Addict~ Stories out with Shock Totem, Grey Matter Press, Books of the Dead Press, Pseudopod, among others. HWA Member.
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3 Responses to Parsec Awards 2015

  1. simondewar says:

    Are you going to nominate High Art? Or is that for next years award?

  2. simondewar says:

    Are you going to nominate High Art?

  3. simondewar says:

    Oops sorry.. i’m flooding your comments because I’m a n00b. Forgive me.

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