Cover Reveal: SEVEN SINS (Short Story Collection)


And here it is. My debut short story collection, SEVEN SINS, is well on its way through the final edits and should be available from Concord ePress around June this year.

Edited by Stona Fitch and with blurbs from Paul Tremblay and Kate Horsley (I’m overawed at the weight of these names), SEVEN SINS aims to explore the softer  intentions that nevertheless have the power to drive darker actions.

With SEVEN SINS, I wanted to tackle the darker aspects of love and nurturing without shying away from what might happen there. In short, the sins featured here (not, by the way, the seven deadly sins we all know) are all in some way spawned by love — which is what I suspect most sins are born out of, one way or another. I’m not necessarily referring to romantic love either (how boring would that be?) but rather that between family, between friends, between strangers, between selves. I tried to talk about evil with as much compassion as I could, steering clear of sensationalism, staying true to the nature of the acts. And of course, I wanted it extreme. That was my target, and I hope I’ve hit somewhere close to the mark.

Cover and interior illustrations were done by the Boston musician and artist, Stephen Fredette, who’s work here is remarkably on-point and honestly left me stammering.

My humble thanks to Stona and Ann Fitch and their team at Concord ePress, and to Paul Tremblay and Kate Horsley for taking the time to read and so generously blurb this book.

For now, to read the full blurbs and take a look at the official book page on the Concord ePress site, head over here.

More as we get closer….



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