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Update time, since I have no one major thing to say and it’s been far too long since I last spoke up here.


I didn’t make it into the final selection, but I made horror editorial legend Ellen Datlow’s honourable mentions list! Right over here. A few people told me I should be excited about this? More than anything though, I’m just excited she actually read something of mine. And, it seems, sort of liked it.

The mention is for my short story ‘Going Home’, published in the Savage Beasts anthology by Grey Matter Press.


With my debut short story collection SEVEN SINS out in the world with Concord ePress, a few fantastic folks interviewed me to talk about the themes, content, and all that other stuff that goes with writing and publishing. My thanks to Adrian Shotbolt of Beavis the Bookhead and Ginger Nuts of Horror, Nat Newman and the folks at STRUCTO, and the brilliant Kate Horsley for chatting with me!

Interviews linked here for anyone interested:


I don’t often blog much on the personal end, but this mention ties over somewhat. A few months ago, I got another tattoo… a black dahlia, in honour of women and victims of crime, the bloody tragedies that are either completely overlooked or sensationalised beyond all sense of clarity. I didn’t expect it to get me thinking quite the way it has, but I’m currently working on a new manuscript (it leapt at my throat while the ink was still fresh, and has since completely lock-jawed) and this tattoo has quite a bit to do with it. If I finish this draft properly and if this new story ever sees the light of day, we’ll all find out why! So far so good. And it looks like I’m not going anywhere until I get it there.


A dark flower in fresh ink

More when there’s more. In the meantime, if you’ve read my book, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Contact me via Twitter @RungeKaren, or through this blog, or drop me an email at


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