Modelling for Horror

I like to describe myself as a Goth in Recovery. It’s an easy tag, as it expresses the essentials: I used to dress exclusively in black, if a band didn’t include heavy electric guitar abuse (Tori Amos excluded, of course) I wasn’t interested, and I couldn’t recognise my own face if my lids weren’t thick with eyeliner deep enough to engrave initials in it. Ah, those were the days. Mosh pits. Jack Daniels and juice concentrate shooters. Low-slung jeans and delicate chains. Deep plum lipstick that stained everything my mouth was even vaguely aimed at, and spiky dog collars that made hugging friends a downright volatile gesture of affection.

Back in those days, I hung out a lot with budding photographer extraordinaire Michael Tarica. We both thought Trent Reznor was God, we truly believed in the power of the karmic nether, and neither of us ever knew when to quit. We once helped each other dye our hair blue, revelling in bad haircuts. He kept me high on whiskey and caffeine while I prepared my final college course presentation (last minute, of course). That’s closeness. But that was also when we were in our early twenties. We are now both in our thirties, and while I no longer shove him heartlessly into the stampeding chaos of mosh pits, or cajole him into running down the street naked, or try talk him into piercing his penis (oh, so many stories!), we remain close friends. And he is now, actually for really real, a highly respected professional photographer who’s work in South African film and photography incites my more superficial pride in being able to call him a friend.

A friend who… for revenge purposes maybe I suspect… recently asked me and another Goth-in-recovery gal pal to pose for his camera, for a Dark/Baroque photo shoot. And when you’ve put some poor dude through all that trauma (I have yet to share the full version of the silver mushroom story, and doubt I ever will!), how can you say no?

Stripped for Michael Tarica, photographer and fellow horror fan, in the interests of Goth-Girl Exploitation. I sacrifice myself as thus. Thanks, Mike. Love you always.

And thanks also to my little micro model, Lycan, who has no Twitter profile or web page as yet. Ha ha. My baby boy, extra almonds for you for being so good. Kiss kiss.

You can follow Michael Tarica @MikeTarica

Or check out his work as a whole at

And if you want to know about Lycan, or his brother Igor, just ask me.

3-suspiria3 4-lycan 5-lycan2
7-corset2 8-corset3 9-fan1 10-fan2


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