In another life, circa 2008-2015, I moved to the Far East and set up home. Over the seven years that I lived in a place that was sometimes beautiful and sometimes downright beastly, I learned Chinese (and on the way, how to swear fluently in Russian), got used to eating (or watching other people eat) some truly terrifying things, accepted gas masks as a part of daily life, grew immune to the sight and sound of people spitting all the live long day, and learned more about myself than any other stage of life so far has shown me. Oh, and I wrote. A lot. Like, really a lot. Some of what I produced back then will never see the light of day, but the rest of it got me to pretty much where I am today. Cramped quarters and smoggy skies make the perfect setting for any artist who wants to stop looking out the window and try losing themselves in something else.

In my final year (I didn’t exactly know I was going to leave, but the idea was pulsing through the air) I was, as we say in South Africa, gatvol with pretty much everything around me. Which means I started writing even more. The main focus of all that I-don’t-want-to-be-here-no-more energy resulted in a crazed little MS I titled ‘Seeing Double’.

Fast forward a few months, and the folks at Grey Matter Press (who have published a few of my short stories in the past) contacted me to ask if I had a novel-length work lying around, and if so, could they take a look at it. Fast forward two years, and here we are folks! It actually happened. SEEING DOUBLE will be out in the world in July this year.

SEEING DOUBLE is a story about three individuals living in the Far East, who find that together they inform each other’s dreams, feed each other’s fears… and enable each other to explore levels of brutality Hell itself may seek to emulate. A quick note that this is extreme horror, and not for those who like their fiction safe and cosy. But if you like your horror full-tilt full of sex, gore (and maybe with the odd dash of speculative fiction), this book may well match your flavour.

My humble thanks to Anthony Rivera and Sharon Lawson at Grey Matter Press for their support and encouragement, and for everything they’ve done to bring this book to light.

Watch this space (or my Twitter feed) for updates, or keep an eye on the Facebook page.

And… as all writers like to so eloquently say when their work is finally coming out… YAY!!!



About karenrunge

~Writer, Artist, Horror Film Addict~ Stories out with Shock Totem, Grey Matter Press, Books of the Dead Press, Pseudopod, among others. HWA Member.
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One Response to Debut Novel: SEEING DOUBLE

  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    Congrats, Karen!! I look forward to its release!!

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