Double Barrel Horror: Out Now

My chapbook from Pint Bottle Press is now out, featuring two of my previously unpublished short stories, ‘Shellfish’ and ‘Exile’.

SHELLFISH: A couple who are at a crossroads in their fledgling relationship head to a beachside boutique hotel for a romantic long weekend away. Memories and realities blur, bringing out the worst in one of them.

EXILE: If all you want is a little solitude and space to yourself, be careful where you go, and what you do with that time. Above all: be careful of your own mind.

I’ve been asked this a lot, so let me say it here quick. A ‘chapbook’ gets its name because while they are relatively short (chapter length, if you will), they are nevertheless stand-alone publications. Slim little volumes where the authors feature complete tales, albeit not particularly long ones. Consider chapbooks the hors d’oeuvres version of literature.

Matt Weber, editor and owner of Pint Bottle Press, had the idea to release a whole bunch of these, each featuring two short stories by a dark fiction author, and all gathered together under the banner ‘Double Barrel Horror’. Other authors included in the project are Simon Dewar, J.C. Michael, John Boden, Chad Lutzke, Patrick Freivald, Vic Kerry, Amanda Hard and K. Trap Jones, M.B. Vujacic, Melissa Lason and Michelle Garza, and of course Matthew Weber himself.

This is a fantastic project, and I truly wish more publishers would do stuff like this. While chapbooks aren’t necessarily the ‘hit single’ equivalent of an author’s work, they are like a nicely put together mix tape. If a reader wants to familiarise themselves with an author without committing to a longer work just yet, this is definitely the way to go.

To see the whole lineup check out this page, or get mine direct here on Amazon.

My sincere thanks to Matt Weber and everyone else involved in this super cool project!


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