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With so much going on and such incredibly slack admin skills at work lately, allow me please to take a big, deep breath.


Barged out the gate with Grey Matter Press and is doing much better than my darkest fears promised. (As an artist, anything I produce is swiftly followed by a legion of demons screaming doom in my ear. And yet, here I still am. And more importantly, here it is.)

SD has already racked up a few solid reviews on Amazon, and for those who’d like a bit more insight into what went into it, please do take a listen to my podcast interview on this work with the amazing Eddie Generous of Unnerving Magazine.


My offering for this awesome little project, fronted by Matt Weber of Pint Bottle Press, is also out now. It’s garnered a smattering of reviews, and I’ve also been thrilled to get some fantastic direct feedback from friends and fellow writers. You can grab it on Amazon.

I highly recommend that anyone in love with short horror fiction take a look at all the offerings from the Double-Barrel project. There are some exceptional authors in there with some top class stories. I wish there were more projects like this, because they truly and utterly rock.


Edited by Simon Dewar and with an Intro from the formidable Angela Slatter, this awesome anthology will be out soon with Grey Matter Press. The final TOC was announced by Simon on his blog a little while back. Eat your heart out. Let it GUSH.


Expect some news at some point down the line re a forthcoming novella from me, while I juggle several other art and art-related projects… ellipses are allowed here, because this being the quirky unpredictable world it is, anything can happen at any time.

And I say cheers to that.


About karenrunge

~Writer, Artist, Horror Film Addict~ Stories out with Shock Totem, Grey Matter Press, Books of the Dead Press, Pseudopod, among others. HWA Member.
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