The Haunted Bridge Series


In Spring 2012, I set myself the challenge to complete eight pen and ink drawings.  Since I needed something that I could actually think about while I worked, I decided to draw some of the world’s more famous haunted bridges.  I washed the paper in diluted ink, and then built up the tones.  The drawing itself was done with whatever gel ink pens I had handy, sometimes doused again with ink wash to create shading or effect.  Since I couldn’t visit the bridges themselves, I worked from pictures I scratched up on the internet.

1.  Elmore, Ohio (USA)


This bridge is said to be haunted by a motorcyclist who was beheaded in an accident on the bridge.  There’s an urban legend about seeing the headlight come toward you if you cross the bridge at a certain time of night, or on the anniversary of the accident.

2. Ashland, Ohio (USA)


This bridge (more a tunnel) is said to be haunted by a woman who hung herself nearby, and also by children who died in a fire at the local orphanage.

3. (Exact location unknown), USA


This is a ‘Crybaby Bridge’.  There are hundreds of these around the world.  All of them are said to be haunted by the kids who were murdered or lost off the side of the bridge.  So-named because at night, you can hear the sounds of the baby crying, and/or a woman weeping.

4. Avon, Indiana (USA)


There are dozens of different versions of the story surrounding this one, but all involve the sounds of people crying on the bridge at night.  Most commonly attributed to workers who died in accidents during the construction of the bridge.

5. Crawford Road, Virginia (USA)


This one is full of history.  It’s said to be haunted by victims of the KKK, who were killed in the surrounding woods.  There are also stories about more recent murders happening in the area.

6. Sweet Hollow Road, Long Island (USA)


Haunted by the ghosts of several young boys who were either murdered or who committed suicide on/near the bridge.

7. Peckforton Estate, England


Haunted by a ghostly horse and carriage.  There’s a long history here, so it’s hard to find any consistent facts about why it may be haunted.

8. Gadsden, Alabama (USA)


Haunted by a strange light — the stories behind it vary, but all in some way involve a young woman who was killed in an accident on the bridge one night while walking home with a lantern.


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