Interview with Horror Writer Simon Dewar



When I did the Talking Scars workshop with Jack Ketchum on LitReactor, I not only got to sharpen the stab on my written words, but also got to meet a bunch of fellow dark scribes drifting in from all around the world.  One of these is Simon Dewar, a short story writer who frightens me with his levels of motivation, let alone his work.  He’s always sending me information on anthologies and other markets to submit to, as well as running his own projects, writing his own stuff, and regularly updating his blog.

The blog itself is full of writing tips, musings on writers and their work, all of it valid and entertaining and with his own solid style.

Anyway, he interviewed me as part of his Author Interview section — my first interview ever!  Which made me feel all special and star-struck at myself.  Check it out here.

Or to get to know more of the man himself, take a look at his blog.

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