Published: Pantheon Magazine

Pantheon Magazine is a brand new publication; their first issue came out on April 1st 2013, and even a two-minute glance at their website promises quality.  They publish quarterly, and each issue is themed by a different God or Goddess from Greek mythology.  Along with fiction, they also publish art, photography and movie/music/book reviews.  They have a very unique style, and it looks fabulous.


My short story ‘The Philosopher’ is out now in issue #2, themed ‘Artemis’.  This particular story is another example of the non-supernatural side of horror.  I wrote it before I knew about Pantheon, and stashed it away, waiting to find the the perfect home for it.  When I read the submissions call for the Artemis issue, it felt like fate!

Check them out at

To order a copy of the magazine from Amazon, go here:


Pantheon Artemis Issue

I’m really excited to be a part of such a promising new publication.



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