Published: Pseudopod


“Pseudopod wants you to know that the devil is in the kitchen.”  Alasdair Stuart

This is the best horror podcast I have ever come across.  Every week features a new story by a different writer, read by some amazing voice actors.  It’s pretty no-frills in the best possible way, beginning and ending each episode with sometimes humorous, sometimes intense musings and commentary from the host, Alasdair Stuart — who I’ll just describe as awesome, because he just is.  Wrapped in the middle of that is a pounding black heart of intense fiction.  I’ve been trying for over a year to get the editors to accept one of my stories.  Earlier this year, they finally did.

My short story ‘The Killing Machine’ came out in episode 347, Flash on the Borderlands XVI: Trial and Discipline.  There are three stories in this set, and mine is the second.

Pseudopod is a fantastic, quality production — and I’m not just saying that because I’m now in it.  They provide this stuff for free, so if you like them and you have a credit card handy, let them know how appreciated they are.

I cannot recommend this podcast enough.  They are one of a kind — and I promise you, it’s true.  Check them out at, or listen to the episode with my story here:

While you’re there, drop them a donation and help keep a good thing going.



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