Published: Death’s Realm

grey matter press logo

I realised recently that over the bridge of 2014-2015, I’ve had two stories appear alongside modern horror master Stephen Graham Jones! Wow. Do you think this means he’ll notice me…?! (Ah, the insecure high school girl inside me lives on.)

Anyway. One of those publications is Death’s Realm, an anthology brought to the world by the formidable new publisher, Grey Matter Press. GMP, still considered a youngling in the industry, has already grabbed a Bram Stoker Award nomination for excellence in editing. That means it’s not just sprouting baby teeth–those are full-grown fangs!

My Suspended in Dusk editor and writer pal, Simon Dewar, and I collaborated on our story in this anthology, High Art.

Death’s Realm ‘investigates the war between the living and the dead’ and along with little old us, the authors here include Stephen Graham Jones (told ya!) and John FD Taff, among other exciting writers whose names may well be familiar.

Order a copy off Amazon here. You won’t be sorry. Or if you are, it’ll be the right kind of sorry for a horror fan. Which means you’ll love it.



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