Published: The SOMETHING WICKED Stories



…is an incredible little magazine that debuted in South Africa in Spring 2006. South African Spring, that is. It was (to my knowledge) the first magazine of its kind in SA, and the most exciting thing I’d ever seen on the magazine shelves. Unfortunately the heroes of the effort, Joe Vaz and Vianne Venter, were only able to keep the print version running for a few years before switching to an electronic version. It’s a shame it didn’t get more support, truly. It was the first place for South African genre writers to show their stuff, and form a kind of community. They published three of my stories, and I will always be grateful for what they did for the genre in our edge of the world, and for giving so many of us unknowns the chance to see our names in print. SW is still active — to view their site, go to:

Now for my stories, published by SW. Bear in mind that these stories are archived and that SW still has the publishing rights, so the best I can do is give links to the introduction pages to my works.

The Lighthouse
Cabin fever takes a whole new twist when you live on your own in this lighthouse.
Appeared in Issue #3
View the link here:

Crawford Towne Diener
Yes, I do mean to spell ‘Towne’ with an ‘e’!
A shy, lonely morgue assistant talks about life among corpses, small-town prejudices, and the girl who took his heart to her grave.
Appeared in Issue #5
View the link here:

Black Dragon River
The first piece of fiction I had published while living in China. It was also the first story I wrote where the horror was entirely psychological. And no, that’s not giving the ending away!
Alienated, silenced; a foreigner is lost in a place that has its own soul, and somehow knows their name.
Appeared in Issue #8.
There is no link to the story, but to view the issue, go here:


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