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~Writer, Artist, Horror Film Addict~ Stories out with Shock Totem, Grey Matter Press, Books of the Dead Press, Pseudopod, among others. HWA Member.

Joyce Carol Oates and Man… this is Crazy

Joyce Carol Oates has a way of sneaking up on me.  I was maybe fourteen or fifteen when I checked ‘Man Crazy’ out of my high school library, not knowing anything about the author, her subject matter, her style, her … Continue reading

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Books Everywhere!

With so much going on and such incredibly slack admin skills at work lately, allow me please to take a big, deep breath. NOVEL: SEEING DOUBLE Barged out the gate with Grey Matter Press and is doing much better than … Continue reading

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Double Barrel Horror: Out Now

My chapbook from Pint Bottle Press is now out, featuring two of my previously unpublished short stories, ‘Shellfish’ and ‘Exile’. SHELLFISH: A couple who are at a crossroads in their fledgling relationship head to a beachside boutique hotel for a … Continue reading

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Novels, Chapbooks, Insanity & Wine

The genesis of a story is always fascinating to observe. Personally I write by the seat of my pants (plotting?? wazzat??), and it’s only as I near the close of a tale that the elements and themes start to come … Continue reading

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Lucas Pederson’s Scares That Care Campaign

Originally posted on SIMON DEWAR:
Hi Everybody! I’m editing a novel Fall to Rise for Dark Recesses Press, by an author called Lucas Pederson. DRP intends to release the guys book at the Scares That Care Weekend,July 21-23, 2017 DOUBLETREE BY…

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In another life, circa 2008-2015, I moved to the Far East and set up home. Over the seven years that I lived in a place that was sometimes beautiful and sometimes downright beastly, I learned Chinese (and on the way, … Continue reading

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An Interview with BLEEDING CRITIC

Bleeding Critic. That infamous psycho clown who keeps himself firmly anonymous as he reviews and critiques current and underground horror films. Yep. That one. By some miracle of black magic (and, okay, social media stalking), I got him to crawl out … Continue reading

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